Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2015 Summer Play Schedule

Please click on "Summer 2015 Info" tab above for more information.
Cost is $40 per child. Plays are geared toward children 6-12 years old.

These plays are great for passing off Scout requirements!

This year we are doing two Fairy Tales from the Blue Fairy Book.
All locations are held in north Kiwanis Park in Provo, contact Rachel Matteson for more information at

Hansel and Gretel
July 13-18
M-F Practice Time 1-2:30
Performance  Saturday July 18 1pm

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Golden Goose

The Golden Goose is a simple and fun fairy tale.

It begins with three brothers attempting to go chop wood in the forest.
The youngest and least liked brother finds good fortune in the form of a golden goose with the help of an elf.
 He takes the Golden Goose with him to an inn where the inn keeper's daughters try to steal it.

But to their surprise they cannot release the Golden Goose once he is touched and they go throughout the countryside gathering a teacher, a farmer, a preacher who all stick to the oblivious youngest son in a sort of crack-the-whip parade, ending up at the castle.

The bored Princess finally laughs and the youngest brother wins her hand in marriage!

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Princess & the Peas

Our prop box got a new front

This version of the Grimm's Fairy Tale has a Prince and a Princess, of course. 

Penelope sticking peas under mattress #17
Our Prince at the royal table

But also 6 Evil Princesses who are out to get kind Princess Penelope.

6 Evil Princesses in half their dresses-I'm sure this is fight is in the script...somewhere.

They get to the Prince first then go back and "help" Penelope get lost in the forest as she tries to find the Prince of A Faraway Kingdom, whose parents think it is time for him to marry a princess.

Outrage at the Prince not liking them

But the Prince thinks all of the 6 Evil Princesses aren't real princesses-"they're all too 2-dimensional". Penelope finds the castle eventually, but  she is late and soaked from the rain. Because of these flaws, the Queen cannot be convinced that she is really a princess. (The King & Prince need no convincing.)

The Queen laughing that Penelope thinks herself a real princess

 Penelope's least favorite vegetable is served for dinner. But she minds her P's & Q's and even the Queen of A Faraway Kingdom sees her beauty the next morning.  In the happy ending the Prince asks Penelope to marry him.

Penelope (atop a chair) sleeping

We had a great time painting dresses that flipped into trees, the royal table with dinnerware, and a bed over 7' tall. We played games that helped us use our voices, props, and learn blocking. Another successful week of play.
Princess dress in the works

Painting misleading signs

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Water of Life

Stage Sign on our prop box-all cardboard!

The Water of Life is a Grimm's Fairy Tale  
 about 6 Royal Children who go off on their horses in search of the Water of Life to heal their dying father. Most of these Royal Children are selfish & rude, but the youngest is not only kind, but brave.


The King's bed-and a patchwork quilt, I would have never expected, but really quite eye-catching!

Nice detail on a horse by a 9 y/o
Our hero on his white steed!- 11 y/o
Some girls even painted on their skirts- by a  6 y/o

 In their journeys they meet a dwarf and if they are lucky-or maybe just polite- he'll give them directions to the enchanted castle.
Finishing touches on the castle the Princess pops out of-she obviously likes vines, and a lot of pink...

 There,  a spell-bound princess guards the Water of Life and other magic gifts...

Props--including the Princess's expandable telescope

This group of kids were excellent at helping each other. They had great  improvement ideas too; adding handles to the horses, painting a two-sided goblet, having a "Deathbed" sign above the king's bed, and adding blood to the tip of the Sword of Victory (vetoed because, as one 8y/o put it, "This isn't PG13"). They were enthusiastic about everything.

Our last rehearsal-the Princess's castle kept blowing away in the wind!


Typical practices were half the time practicing our lines after a quick game, then painting. Some children opted to stay later and do more painting of props...and themselves.

Princesses in front of the castle

Cast picture after the show

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mouse Deer

Last year we did Deer Mouse--a Malaysian Trickster Tale for our Summer Play. We met for an hour, played some stage games, and rehearsed. Toward the end we spent a few days painting our masks and sets.

Painting our Masks
 Then we performed the play for family and friends at a local park that has a simple stage. It was a great fun--and a sure fire way to beat the summer doldrums!

After the Play- Mouse Deer and Tiger

The children made new friends, invented theater tricks-like shredded paper being thrown up for a splash!-and really made it their own as they helped "direct" each other!
Interestingly, some children who were "shy" turned out to really not be, and those who were not "artistic" turned out to be great painters!
On stage: one of many Crocodiles-in the River